Rehab Care

We are pleased to announce the addition of Chiropractic services and rehabilitation care at Bell Fitness.

Sessions can be reserved for Tuesday evenings from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Sign up sheet will at the front desk.


I – Soft Tissue and Chiropractic:

Can you touch your toes without any symptoms? Can you bring your biceps to your ears without any symptoms?

Each session begins with range of motion testing to determine where the athlete needs to be treated. After specific soft tissue treatment to release trigger points, scar tissue, and adhesion, the athlete then has their range measured again to see if the treatment was effective. Chiropractic manipulation is available if applicable and is usually done at the end of the session. Appointment lengths are 15 minutes.

PRICE: $30 for gym members, $40 for non-gym members

II – Strength Balance Testing:

Is your right arm as strong as your left arm? What’s your squat to deadlift ratio?

If the athlete is assessed to have adequate range of motion, the source of their pain typically is a result of a strength imbalance. Specific to the area of need, athletes will be asked to perform max effort sets to assess the true limits of their strength in different planes of motion and from left to right. Included is a full report of findings that let’s the athlete know which CrossFit movements require more or less volume and intensity. Session length is 60 minutes.

PRICE: $120 cash for gym members, $160 for non-gym members

III – Programming:

Is the discomfort you feel necessary to progress out of pain? Can you balance out strength numbers while successfully navigating your every day program?

Turn pain into PR’s by having a licensed physician with 6+ years of CrossFit coaching experience take those imbalances and turn them into strengths. In 10-20 minutes, with 2-3x movements, for 3-5x per week, athlete specific programming will be at your fingertips. With 24 hour access to me, all questions can be answered about what you felt before, during, and after your workouts. Workouts are given one week at a time so progress can be as optimized as possible.

PRICE: $175 billed monthly for members, $200 billed monthly for non-members

***Rates for both joint health and typical CrossFit programming can be discussed in person.

ABOUT Dr. Michael Vanchieri

While pursuing a collegiate baseball career and a degree in biochemistry, Dr. Mike discovered a love of health and fitness. While coaching thousands of CrossFit classes and pursuing a national weightlifting career, Dr. Mike graduated chiropractic school in 2017 with extensive biomechanical and nutritional training. He has treated, programmed, and coached nutrition for CrossFitters from weekend warriors to Games athletes. He believes in challenging the norms of health, fitness and wellness, and that humans deserve to perform their needs and wants pain free.